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Mutual Growth

SJM Sustainable Procurement Policy


SJM aims to become a sustainable company that has secured global competitiveness by securing trust through fair trade and realizing shared growth and win-win cooperation through cooperation and communication.

1) Preferred Practice of Contraction

  • Issue a written contract after signing a contract
  • Determination of subcontracting payments by rational unit price estimation method, such as raising raw material prices, changing exchange rates, and reflecting factors of price increase
  • Prohibition of unfair reduction activities, etc.

2) Practice of Partner selection (registration) operation and Internal Review Committee establishment and operating practices

  • Secure specificity, transparency, and fairness for selection (registration) and cancellation criteria of partner companies
  • Pre-disclosure of procedures, and results for selection(registration) and cancellation criteria of partner companies
  • Equitable opportunities for registrants, etc.
  • Deliberation on the adequacy of the criteria and procedures for registering and canceling suppliers

Partner selection and Management Process

3) Written Issuance and preservation practices

  • Compliance with matters related to issuance and preservation of various documents in the course of subcontracting

4) Activity for mutual Growth