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  • Plant Div.



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  • Design and analysis

    Design and analysis technology

    We provide various products to our customers meeting their needs through optimized design based on accumulated data and know-how.

  • Test and validation

    Test evaluation skills

    We guarantee reliability of our products by measuring, analyzing and validating displacement and vibration data through Road Load Data Acquisition(RLDA).

  • Material analysis

    Material analysis technology

    We provide both in-house material analysis service such as chemical composition analysis and micro-structure analysis and external material analysis service using 3rd party labs and through experts consultation.

  • Eco-friendly vehicle

    Eco-friendly Vehicle

    We are devoting ourselves to the development of parts for electric and fuel-cell vehicles. In particular, we have our research focused in cooling technologies for major components of electric vehicles. We are also active in developing next-generation technologies for these vehicles.

  • Cryogenic field

    Cryogenic field

    The LNG field, which is in the spotlight as an eco-friendly energy, is required under conditions of cryogenic environment of -163℃ or less, and we have secured the cryogenic technology.

  • Ultra-high temperature field

    Ultra-high temperature field

    In the field of petrochemical plants, we are securing technology for ultra-high temperature products of 750℃ or higher which is applied to SM/FCC/RFCC units.

  • Vacuum field

    Vacuum field

    We are developing a technology which is applied to double wall pipes that can maintain higher thermal efficiency without insulation by using vacuum related to lng transportation.

  • High-speed transportation system field

    High-speed transportation system field

    Together with national research institutes, we are developing technology for new expansion joints by participating in the development of the next-generation high-speed transport system.

  • Aerospace field

    Aerospace field

    By securing the technology of the aerospace field, we have completed the development of parts for the Nuri(KSLV-II), a Korean launch vehicle model, and are also focusing on securing next-generation technologies.

  • Nuclear fusion field

    Nuclear fusion field

    We are participating in the development of a vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer system together with a government-funded research institute in the ITER fusion power plant construction project, which is being developed and participated by 7 countries around the world.