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R&D Center

Continuous research and development
is the driving force of SJM.

SJM R&D Center is continuously striving
to exceed customers expectation through its unceasing research and development activities.

SJM R&D Center has devoted itself to technology development and led bellows industry in global scale.

SJM R&D Center continues to develop bellows technology and products for exhaust system in ICE vehicles and conduct cost reduction and process improvements activities for business competitiveness.

In addition, SJM R&D Center is actively carrying out research and pioneering in such areas of parts for electric and fuel cell vehicles, next generation ultra-high-speed transportation system(Hyperloop), space launch vehicle(KSLV_II) and nuclear fusion vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer system(ITER VUV Spectrometer System) in cooperation with governmental agencies for new mobility and high-tech industries in efforts to continue to be a leading technology company in the future.

R&D Mission

  • Exploring new growth engine for the future

    We are exploring next-generation technologies coping with companywide business strategy in order to secure future growth engine for the company.

  • Strengthening business competitiveness

    We are conducting researches for product quality improvements and innovative cost reduction activities in order to stay competitive in the existing businesses.

  • Training experts and leaders

    We are providing high-quality research and working environment and training system for the members in R&D in order to foster them to become experts and leaders.

  • Fortifying global R&D Network

    We are continuing to expand our global network of technical service in EU, North America, China and Japan in order to provide fast technical support to our customers.