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Company Motto

SJM Culture

  • People-oriented culture

    • Encourages free and open communication among members
    • Promotes adventure and creative ideas
    • Nurtures self-esteem and lively work environment
  • Culture that fosters talents

    • Makes investment in training to raise professionals and future leaders
    • Provides continuous learning opportunities
    • Trains leaders responsible for future growth
  • Culture of mutual trust

    • Ensures motivated and dynamic work environment through empowerment
    • Unites members of the company with open minds
    • Promotes cooperation and team spirit
  • Culture focused on service and sharing

    • Encourages volunteer work
    • Operates SJM Cultural Foundation

VISION and Strategy

SJM as a global and technical company, trusted and respected by shareholders and customers will continue to expand its market value by focusing on achieving No. 1 in technology, quality and service and by actively developing future businesses to become a 100-year-old company beyond 50 years.


Great Global Company

SJM, challenging the world to become a 100-year-old company beyond 50 years


New Thinking Right Action

Think differently, try something new, do it right away/achieve result that multiples in its value


  • Improve Bellows
    business sales revenue and profit
  • Expand current business to
    relevant areas by building upon existing technology
  • Enter into new businesses
    for future growth

Strategic Challenges

  • Enter new markets
  • Improve cost competitiveness
  • Diversify business items
  • Select new business items and secure technologies

Corporate Identity

SJM’s Corporate Identity(CI) has “New Leap Forward" in its foundation. Combining present and future, nature and technology, SJM’s CI embodies challenge spirit to become a world-class technology company. The lively curve represents the nature, home of life, and the lower part below the curve symbolizes present SJM and the upper part symbolizes emerging future of SJM.

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PANTONE Process 298 U
C68+M3(Process Color)

PANTONE Process 293 U
C100+M57+K2(Process Color)