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CEO Message

Started in 1975 with grand dream of becoming a world-class bellows technology company SJM has grown to a global company through continuous improvement and innovation.


Growth of SJM is the result of emphasizing the importance of technology and putting its customers first. Based on the proprietary solutions related to thermal expansion, vibration, noise and gas tightness of exhaust systems SJM has expanded its business to many different industries including exhaust flexible couplings for automotive industry, precision bellows for semiconductor, medical and aerospace industries, building expansion joints for HVAC in large scale residential and high-rise projects, industrial expansion joints for shipbuilding, petrochemical, powerplant industries and LNG vessels while becoming a market leader for the bellows industry. SJM has also established a global network for production and sales in EU, the Americas, China, Southeast Asia and Africa in order to provide a streamlined service to our customers.

The future business environment will see a paradigm shift to eco-friendly technologies and electric vehicles. SJM will adapt to market situation and continuously increase its business competitiveness by developing new technologies and diversifying its business portfolio along with creation of future growth engines for bellows technology.

SJM will respond to ever changing business environment through continuous improvement and innovation to become a 100-year-old company beyond 50 beyond 50 years. I ask that you watch us and continue to support us as we become a ‘Great Global Company’.

Thank you.